You understand I’m getting on that plane..

Matt Bomer and his puppy doppelgängers.

A message from Anonymous
If you ever want to do a pic/gifset of MB compared to puppy dogs, you would have my blessing.

Challenge accepted. Tune in tomorrow. :D

On set; June 10, 2014 | ©

On set; June 10, 2014 | ©

How To Wave Adorkably by Matt Bomer

OMG yes, Peter. It is ridiculously adorable. :D

A message from Anonymous
Hi! Do you happen to know if this moment has been gifed or not? It's from this video www,youtube,com/watch?v=7ZvHH8k2SIo around minute 1:46 they ask Matt a question and then he mentions Simon, well not really Simon but he say "my husband" (which is something I can never get tired of apparently). And I was just wondering if it's been gifed or not because I've been on and off in this fandom so I'm not really up to date with the gifs and such .. Thank you!

I don’t think it has been. So I treated this as a request and did it!

I hope you weren’t asking b/c YOU wanted to do it…if so, sorry!!!

But uuuggggh yes…I will NEVER get tired of Matt talking about his husband. :DDD

What lessons do you hope your sons get out of watching The Normal Heart? [x]

get to know me meme: favorite tv shows [10/10] → White Collar

"A wise man once said it’s fun to do the impossible"

Neal Caffrey’s season 5 ties + bonus gif of Neal expressing sartorial concern.

This is the last week that White Collar is filming, and Willie’s tweets are making me want to cry! [x]