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Who the hell is Ross? Omg I want a billion on-set stories about Matt and the rest of the cast.

Lol! Ross McCall, aka Matthew Keller.

And yeah, bring on more on set stories! :)

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I still want to know what Jeff Eastin was referring to when he said in the interview that Matt almost hit Ross. And then he drops it with no explanation. I just can not picture Matt getting that upset that he would do something that. I would like to know the full story.I not even sure that this really happen. Did Jeff just make this up?

Oh, my take is that they probably “argued” about something regarding the script/how to act something. And maybe it got heated in a purely professional way. I think him saying that it almost came to blows was just him being funny/exaggerating. I’m sure it was nothing that lasted past the moment.

But hey, I wasn’t there. So…idk!

He mentioned in the commentary of the episode itself that he’s not sure why everyone likes it so much (because it was a fan voted episode for commentary) not the same thing but similar

Thank you! I thought it might have been in the episode commentary, but I was too lazy to check. :)

And honestly, I can see it not being someone’s FAVORITE…but being one of someone’s LEAST FAVORITES? Hmmmmm…  ::side eye::

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JEFF EASTIN DOESNT LIKE EP 1X10?? What is wrong with that man. And I disliked the way he went in the later seasons, going back and re-doing all the trust and loyalty and easy friendship between Neal and Peter. That's what I loved about the show! :(

I KNOW HOW CAN YOU HATE THAT EPISODE?!? He said it in this interview: link to youtube (I cued it to the right time stamp) I think he mentioned it another time, too…but I don’t recall where.

And yeah, I also wish we had more friendship and fun banter, etc between the two in the later seasons. There was just too much angst and animosity! I love angst in my fanfic, but too much in the actual show just makes me sad.

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Alert: Matt Bomer has shaved his legs for MMXL. Alert. Alert. I've always wondered what he'd look like with shaved legs (did he have those in the first movie?)

Magic Mike XXL:


Magic Mike (the first):


Smooth in both. :D 

ETA: In press interviews for Magic Mike, he talked about waxing. And how it made him feel prepubescent. And he asked if he’d have to wax between his ass cheeks. LOL

Matt Bomer Joins Ryan Gosling, Russell Crowe In ‘Nice Guys’

EXCLUSIVE: Matt Bomer has been set to star opposite Ryan Gosling and Russell Crowe in Nice Guys, the action drama that Iron Man 3‘s Shane Black wrote and is directing with Joel Silver producing at Warner Bros. I would say that Bomer plays the heavy, but he’ll be carrying little if any body fat as he comes right from Savannah after he wraps the Steven Soderbergh-directed sequel Magic Mike XXL. I can still remember when Bomer, a complete unknown, was verging on being The Guy when Brett Ratner tapped him to be Superman in the trilogy of films that got grounded. It has taken some time, but Bomer is getting his movie chance now. As his USA show White Collar ends this fall after its six season run, Bomer is now focused on big screen opportunities. That effort was helped by the chops he displayed in a heartbreaking turn as Felix Turner in HBO’s The Normal Heart, which got Bomer an Emmy nomination in the Best Supporting Actor category. Bomer is also attached to play actor Montgomer Clift in the biopic Monty Clift. He’s repped by CAA, Anonymous Content’s Tony Lipp and lawyered by Steve Warren.

Black’s Nice Guys takes place in 1970s Los Angeles, and Gosling plays a detective hired by a gangster (Crowe) to find a missing girl, and in the process uncovers a dangerous conspiracy and that is where Bomer’s character comes in. The studio also set Margaret Qually, star of HBO’s The Leftovers, to play the lead female role, the daughter of a corrupt chief justice who figures in the scandal. [deadline.com]

Matt Bomer in Space Station 79 (2014)

Do what you do best, Peter, and hunt Neal down. ;___;

Neal Caffrey | Full body shots

Neal Caffrey | Full body shots

"For you to insult me, I must first value your opinion."

I’m not really biased towards any medium, you know. What’s important to me…obviously, you have to do some job to help you pay the bills. What’s important to me is that they continue to work on projects that kind of challenge artists and hopefully affect people in a positive way.

Julia Roberts, Mark Ruffalo, Matt Bomer, Taylor Kitsch, Alfred Molina, Ryan Murphy, Larry Kramer, and the other producers of The Normal Heart following their 2014 Emmy win for Outstanding Television Movie [x]